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The goblin king (thanks serhenya!)

December 2012



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Dec. 29th, 2012

The goblin king (thanks serhenya!)

Christmas At The Cabin: Chapter 9

Disclaimer/Rating: same as previous chapters
A/N: This is the second half of "Temptations and Tribulations". Enjoy! And, while this is chapter is kind of themed after "Temptation" by Cote De Pablo, I do not own the song.
Temptations and Tribulatons Part 2Collapse )
The goblin king (thanks serhenya!)

Christmas at the Cabin: Chapter 8

Rating/Disclaimer: same as previous chapters.
A/N: So, I know I said with the previous chapters that the in-laws segment of this story would be three chapters. . . I lied. . . instead, it will be two, because what was meant to be Chapter 8 and the final in-law chapter was too long and thus had to be halved. I have proofread both and both will be posted here. I will say this. These chapters did have a theme: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ER2jD-DNRVc. Please note: I did not sing the song or post the video of the song on youtube.  I hope that you enjoy the chapter!
Temptations and Tribulations Part 1Collapse )
The goblin king (thanks serhenya!)


So, on Dragonadopters, I have a little hatchling! My first! I love her so much! Teehee! Thought I'd share her here. I feel like Maes Hughes from FMA, showing pictures of my baby everywhere. :D Thank you serhenya for revealing to me this website!
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The goblin king (thanks serhenya!)

Christmas At The Cabin: Chapter 7

Disclaimer/Rating: Same as previous chapters.
A/N: This is the second of the in-laws chapters. ENJOY!
A Different Kind of SantaCollapse )
The goblin king (thanks serhenya!)


Disclaimer/Rating: Same as previous chapters.
A/N: Okay, so this is the first of the in-law chapter set, which as of right now will probably have three chapters. For those of you who are reading the "Slashera" stoy and have not learned of Slade's past in regards to that story via "Behind the Mask" or messaging/speaking with me, there is a spoiler in this chapter. You have been warned. Regardless, I hope you enjoy the chapter, and please comment!
Meet the WintergreensCollapse )

Dec. 24th, 2012

The goblin king (thanks serhenya!)


Disclaimer and Rating: same as previous chapters.
A/N: Okay, this is the shopping chapter! HOPE YOU ENJOY IT!
The goblin king (thanks serhenya!)


Disclaimer/Rating: Same as previous chapters.
A/N: So yeah, I'm sorry I haven't updated as regularly as I would have liked. But I promise, each chapter will get posted! Even if they run after Christmas!
Here's the chapter on christmas cards. I hope you enjoy it!
LETTERSCollapse )

Dec. 19th, 2012

The goblin king (thanks serhenya!)

Christmas at the Cabin: Chapter 3

Rating/Disclaimer: Same as previous chapters
A/N: here is the super long Chapter 3. It is based off of the third pain of christmas: hangovers. sort of. . . :D There is drunkenness, so that you know.
"The Man Who Could Never Get Drunk"Collapse )
The goblin king (thanks serhenya!)

Christmas at the Cabin: Chapter 2

Rating/Disclaimer: same as previous chapters. ;)
A/N: so I know that I'm off schedule with these chapters. I've realized that I'm too much of a perfectionist with these things sometimes. But I assure you, I will work my way through the 12 pains of christmas! Even if I run past the 25th! Here's the second pain: putting up the lights. ;)
Light EnvyCollapse )

Dec. 15th, 2012

The goblin king (thanks serhenya!)

(no subject)

Fashion brand community - poupeegirl
There Are Many Doors To Unlock
The goblin king (thanks serhenya!)


Rating: M just to be safe.
Disclaimer: all characters belong to their respective owners.
This is the second chapter of my Christmas story, but only chapter 1 by title (the other was a preview). I know this is later than anticipated, but I promise, I plan to work on the next two chapters by tonight and have them posted as soon as I can. :D Spent the day a friend's house yesterday and went to The Hobbit midnight premiere before that, so I have finally gotten home and caught up on enough to sleep to be sane enough to write. lol hope you enjoy!THE PERFECT TREECollapse )

Dec. 12th, 2012

The goblin king (thanks serhenya!)


Rating: M to be safe. lol
Disclaimer: all characters belong to respective owners.
Basically, this is Chapter 1 of my "Christmas" story: "Christmas at the Cabin", featuring the following mental characters and myself: Slade, Jareth, Lilac, Slashera, and me (Trikk). Be prepared for hilarity, slight insanity, hopefully an enjoyable read, and, of course, Male vs. Male hostility. This is loosely based on "The 12 Pains of Christmas". For info on Lilac, please go to this page: http://trikki-v.livejournal.com/33386.html
I plan to update this story each day until christmas, with Christmas day being my final post for the story. I also plan to update "Slashera" during that time. In regards to the "Christmas at the Cabin" sory, this is sort of like the preview. PLEASE Comment!
"Christmas at the Cabin: Preview"Collapse )

Nov. 3rd, 2012

Cowgirl Up!, Mara? maybe? either way


So sorry this is later than Halloween. A lot of school work has piled up since then, and so I haven't been able to post any pictures. Well, I got most of what I needed for the Slashera cosplay finished in time, in spite of a leg injury I sustained and later had to have surgery the Thursday before Halloween because of. I successfully got it on Wednesday morning, and went to school with it. Here are some pics of me from Halloween Eve and Halloween day.
002 These were taken the night before. We had to make sure I could get the outfit on with my massive leg immobilizer. I was so happy when it fit. And so happy my wig turned out the way it did!!! ^__^
proud to be a woman!
slashera torso up close
slashera profile pic

The first picture is of one that I took at school with my friends. Then the others are of me in front of the woods behind my house.
It was a lot of fun. Even though I couldn't move without my crutches, me and my friends just said that I was an assassin-in-training who took a knife to the knee. Which was way better than the real story (running and slamming down on my knee in my house). I also handed out treat bags to everyone. People laughed and said that if I was an assassin-in-training, should they really eat the chocolate. . . I said I wasn't at that part in my training yet and they had nothing to worry about. We didn't do trick-or-treat in my neighborhood for some reason, but we did have suckers for any kids. . . On the bright side, I had a lot of fun! :) I also had my nails done Slade themed and Halloween themed. Here's pictures of it:
slade nails:) I liked them a lot. They really completed it for me. I overall had fun!!!!
As for halloween drabbles, I had one written up, but school got in the way, and I wasn't able to. :( If I were to still post it, it'd be way more belated than this post. . .:( Well, I hope you all had a happy halloween too!

Oct. 12th, 2012

My Harry Potter Cosplay

Slashera cosplay progress

Hey, so i have decided (for those of you who don't know) to do a Slashera Cosplay this halloween! YAAAAAAAAAAY! I'm not sure if I'll entirely do justice to the costume, but I will certainly give it my best shot! And here's my starting point (I actually have almsot everything I need. now It's just a matter of putting it all together. I've been collecting things since August). I have (with my mother's help) styled her "braid hair" that is seen not in my first few chapters, but in later chapters.
Here are some before and after pics:

002<36" long Witch Wig (Black) from Party City (synthetic fibers)
003This is it after my mom braided it and hairsprayed it with me wearing it. We might tweak it a bit later, but right now, that's pretty good! :)
001This is what the front of it looked like before we worked on it.
Here's the front of it currently with the braid. Now we've just got to work on that bang. . . we're speculating how to fix that. . . :)
I love my mom. She doesn't entirely understand my story or my passion, but she appreciates it and encourages me to soar high and accomplish what I want to accomplish. :) Thanks mom! :D
The goblin king (thanks serhenya!)

My Mental Attic Box

Hey, I was just looking through my Livejournal and realized: Even when I was trying to find some of my older Slashera stuff, it was hard. So I went through and put a lot of it here, in sort of a hodge podge.

These first two drawings were done when I was in my second year of college, before I even started to write the story. Please, note I am no artist, but these were actually pretty good for me at the time.

first sketch of slasheraacrobat slash black and white
The first was a doodle done within an hour and a half. Just an attempt at drawing her as an older version. The second was me trying to work on body dynamics. I did that all in ink.

Then there is this:

horse slashera
The first one is a "horse picture" of Slade from my story. The second is a "horse picture" of Slashera from my story.

Human!Slade Here is my portrait of Slade (much mroe recent and doen using a scanner. . .). I used a couple of reference pictures for it. I'm not sure if I want to say he has "bed head" with his hair or "shower hair".
Sorry. I haven't attempted to draw Slashera very much. . . But I will! eventually.

So yeah. Slade is definitely one of the main characters in my story thus far. Probably because he's my favorite villain from the Teen Titans cartoon show. He is also in the comics for the series. However, there, he is known as Deathstroke (they had to make him kid-friendly and so they changed it for the cartoon). I just didn't really read much of the comics. . . ;) So the Slade in my story is BASED off of Slade in the show. However, my story's Slade sticks more to his assassin side than to just the supervillain side of him. And he doesn't wear the mask (although there is a little mask in the picture up above ;)). That's why it's an alternate version. . . ;) Anywho, here's a figurine I recently got of the "cartoon-version" Slade. I really like it! ;)

slade comes home 005:)
 I especially like the little chibi face.
One of the reasons I like Slade is that he's so planning and so meticulous with that planning, that he does show more of a criminal mastermind than some of the other villains on the show. Also, he is in a good amount of episodes on the show. I'm pretty sure he's the show's biggest recurring villain. This is a video that just has the producers of the show talking about him. Or a link to one, anyway. I didn't post it, although I do have the season DVD that it's on for the show.
Ron Perlman did excellent work. However, in my story, this is who I "see" whenever I write about Slade. Or at least, someone who's very similar (minus one eye ;) ).

< that is Stephen Lang, who also played Commander Nathaniel Taylor in Terra Nova.

Do I think that I would get along with my story's Slade? No, probably not. At least not for long. As a very, very feministic personality, I do have issues  with men who think that they're just better than everyone else and who walk around like that. This isn't to say I don't appreciate his skill and abilities. And his well muscled physique. However, I do try to make him as manipulative as I can in the big overall picture, so that does cause issues. However, I could not write a better villain (at least, that's not within my abilities), and I could not hope for a better villain to base the villain in my story off of. ;)

Now, back to Slashera. This weekend, I'm going to start to style a wig to wear when I cosplay her for halloween. Hopefully I'll be able to get hte wig part completed. I will post pictures up here! :)

I feel like I've just gone through an attic box and found these things. ;) There is more, but I'll post more of that later.

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